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According to the Malleus Maleficarumexorcism is one of the five ways to overcome the attacks of incubi, the others being Sacramental Confessionthe Sign of the Cross or recital of the Angelic Salutationmoving the afflicted to another location, and by excommunication of the attacking entity, "which is perhaps the same as exorcism. It seems clear then that the term sons of God as used in Genesis would mean angels, since Job uses this term in that way. He also ascribed the tactile hallucinations to the same teacher. He did this by tempting Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil so that they might become like God or the divine beings of the heavenly court. Some angels are believed to have fallen from a position of proximity to God—such as Lucifer after his fall called Satan by early Church Fathers in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—because of pride or for attempts to usurp the position of the Supreme Being.

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In recent years, many celebrities have come out and shared their experiences having sex with supernatural beings—primarily ghosts.

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Unusual cases of succubus: A cultural phenomenon manifesting as part of psychopathology

Thirty-six different types of Yakshini's are described in the texts of Tantras, who fulfill the different desires of human beings. Such spiritual beings, when regarded as benevolent, are usually called angels in JudaismChristianityand Islamand those viewed as malevolent are termed demons. Quit Tolerating the Jezebel spirit. Though the functions of demonic figures, like those of fallen angels, is of major significance, the nature of demons has been of concern to theologians and persons infused with popular piety. Self Control: Its Cause and Cure Homosexuality: Harry S, Maurice S, translators.

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